Course Design 101: The Bootcamp

taught by Dayna House

Course description

(Note to reader: I’m going super informal on this sales page. If you’re ready to create a course you’ll know it and if you’re not, I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise).

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you’re here you’re probably interested in learning more about DIY Course Design 101: The Bootcamp.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to use crazy sales psychology to get you to make a purchase before you’re ready. That’s not good for learning (scarcity tactics and learning just don’t mix).

Instead, I’m going to assume that you clicked the link to get here because you might be ready to create a course.

Maybe you have a wealth of knowledge and experience you’re dying to share. Maybe you want to have more time to do the things you love. Or maybe you just want to make a boatload of money. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you’re genuinely interested in creating a high-quality learning experience.

You see that’s what I do. As an Instructional Designer I help people create stellar learning experiences. The kind that are well thought out and encourage real change. The kind that actually helps folks do things a better way so they reach the outcomes they’ve been promised.

And that’s where Course Design 101: The Bootcamp comes in.

In this video-based course you’ll receive my step-by-step process for imagining, planning, writing and designing a results-driven learning experience. I don’t care if you’re creating an online course or an in-person workshop. I’m going to teach you how to teach effectively and efficiently.

You’re going to learn how to:

  1. Select the perfect topic for your course.
  2. Create a short and sweet survey to validate your topic ensuring that this is something your audience wants and needs.
  3. Write an outline that guides your learners towards their goals.
  4. Determine the perfect structure for your course.
  5. Chunk your content down into the perfect size bites.
  6. Build your lesson plans for maximum impact.
  7. Define your dream teaching/learning experience.
  8. Make pertinent delivery decisions.
  9. Map out your feedback and engagement plans.
  10. Create an evaluation plan to incorporate into the entire learning process.
  11. Build activities that encourage action and growth.
  12. Write your worksheets that work so they are efficient and effective (this is key).
  13. Design visually appealing presentations for learning.
  14. Pull everything together into a single cohesive course package.

By the end of our time together you will have everything you need to take your course to the masses and change the lives of the people who need you most.

Soooooo…if you know that now is the time to create a course to support your business, your life and your dreams I’d love to have you join us.

Dayna House
Dayna House

Hi, I’m Dayna House—Instructional Strategist, M.Ed.

I’ve devoted my entire life to adult learning, and invested over a decade helping Fortune 500 companies design professional development courses and programs.

But today, I get my biggest kick out of setting entrepreneurs up for success and empowering them to live their dreams—without apology.

I do that by helping them create kickass courses—or, as I prefer to call them, “learning experiences”—that bring their special brand of genius into play so that they can inspire people into action.

Thinking about creating a course of your own?

Consider me your Course Creation BFF—there to be honest with you when you need a dose of tough love; strategic when your thoughts get scattered all over the place; and a hand to squeeze when ish gets real.

Course Curriculum

0.0 Welcome
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1.0 Topic Selection
Video Lesson: Topic Selection
Assignment: Topic Selection
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2.0 Surveys
Video Lesson: Surveys
Assignment: Surveys
Bonus: Typeform Tutorial
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3.0 The Outline
Video Lesson: The Outline
Assignment: The Outline (Brain Dump)
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4.0 Course Structure
Video Lesson: Course Structure
Assignment: Course Structure
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5.0 Content Planning
Video Lesson: Content Planning
Assignment: Content Plan
Tools: Content Plan Templates
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6.0 Learning Objectives
Video Lesson: Learning Objectives
Assignment: Learning Objectives
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7.0 Building Activities
Video Lesson: Building Activities
Assignment: Building Activities
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8.0 Worksheets That Work
Video Lesson: Worksheets That Work
Assignment: Workbooks That Work
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9.0 The Learner Journey
Video Lesson: The Learner Journey
Assignment: The Learner Journey
Tools: Storyboard Templates
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10.0 Visual Design for Learning
Video Lesson: Visual Design For Learning
Checklist: Visual Design
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